Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dirty Old Cowen

The power of the caricature continues to generate headlines in this country with the continuing saga of the anonymous artist behind the two nude paintings of Taoiseach Brian Cowen that were 'donated' to the RHA and the National Gallery. RTE carried an amusing piece on the controversy which (due to the number of complaints) has been taken down from their website but can still be viewed at:

One of these complaints, it seems was from the Department of the Taoiseach. RTE were forced to issue an apology on last night's 9 o clock news by Eileen Dunne:

I find it extraordinary that in a time when the leader of this country should be focussed on getting us out of the dire economic circumstances which he himself can take some blame for having been the Minister for Finance prior to his current role, that he has time to complain to RTE about what he clearly perceives as an affront to his dignity. Even more riduiculous was Fianna Fail TD Michael Kennedy's call upon RTE Director General Cathal Goan to 'consider his position' over the report. Between Prime Time and Geoorge Lee, any even slightly amusing news items are sorely needed to stop us spiralling into what the Irish Times today reported as 'A Nation of Brooding Pessimists.' The fact that the hanging of these paintings is currently under Garda investigation is perhaps the greatest joke of all. Wasting our little remaining public expenditure in the pursuit of a practical joker who has hurt Cowen's feelings should tell us that we have already become a caricature of our former selves. Lighten up, people.

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